Our parliament by subhash kashyap pdf

Our parliament by subhash kashyap pdf is thoroughly revised, enlarged, and updated pdf for Indian parliament.Subhash Kashyap is a well known political scientist and being a scholar he detailed his knowledge on roles and laws of Indian Constitution in this book.

Our Parliament by Subhash Kashyap is the evolution of Indian Parliament from where it begins to where it is now in 2020. With thorough research Kashyap framed a structure for functioning of Indian Constitution.

This book is very demanding nowadays because every UPSC Aspirants need to read this pdf to understand our constitution.

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About the Indian Parliament - Our Parliament

Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha are the two main divisions of our parliament. Rajya Sabha is the major pillar that is the upper house of the parliament, whereas lok sabha is the lower house or the small pillar.  

This books explain the roles of both the houses in detail. After that the books detailed the major functions that both houses perform, the book further demonstrates their hierarchy, minimum qualification required to become a member of either house, the total number of seats they have and the different sessions that are held in them.

However, It has some sneak peek about the election process in India. Everything in this book is described in such a manner that you can understand it easily

Content Included in Our parliament by Subhash kashyap pdf

Our parliament is an important topic in the civil services main examination. This book Our parliament by subhash kashyap contains following things:-

  1. Introduction
  2. Political systems concepts forms and types. 
  3. Indian polity from the earliest times to the end of colonial rule. 
  4. Political system as established by the constitution. 
  5. The executive government and administration. 
  6. Parliament and state legislatures structure and functions. 
  7. The judicial system Supreme Court High Courts and Subordinate Courts. 
  8. Indian federalism Union State Relations. 
  9. Decentralization and local government Panchayati Raj Institutions. 
  10. Elections and political parties problems and processes. 
  11. Independent offices constitutional and statutory bodies. 
  12. Working of the political system an appraisal. 
  13. Blueprint for good governance and citizen friendly polity.

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THIS BOOK IS COMPLETE - यह पुस्तक पूर्ण है

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