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In this blog you will get to know about GC Leong geography latest edition PDF Download. If you are a UPSC aspirant then you must hear about Geography GC Leong. You have watched many videos of toppers and the common thing in almost all toppers talk is GC Loeng for geography. So the thing is why this book is so popular and why every topper even every famous coaching institute recommends this book to all the UPSC aspirants for geography

By going through the deep study about this we came to know why this book is so popular and why it is the most recommended book ever also at the end of this blog we will give you the 2 links where you can download it absolutely free and buy it from amazon at very cheap price.

Let’s come to the next section where you will get to know about all the points of GC Leong Geography and why it is so famous book.

What is GC Leong Geography?

The Certificate Physical and Human Geography or GC Leong is a book which is widely used by the IAS aspirants to prepare for the Geography part in the UPSC Civil Services Exam. 

Features of GC Leong geography book

1. GC Leong Geography book contains important geographical concepts that are essential to understand the basic concept of geography which is very important from UPSC point of view.

2. It covers the fundamental concepts related to the earth’s topology, weather and climate, vegetation across the planet, and the different climatic regions. 

3. Book covers volcanoes and earthquakes like natural phenomena.

4. It covers the tropical monsoon and tropical marine climates.

5. The comprehensive coverage helps the readers understand the dynamic nature of the planet and the forces that shape it.

6. The book covers the physical topography of the planet, the landforms, and the oceans, rivers, and lakes.

7. It is a good textbook to help the readers understand the fundamental concepts of physical geography and the weather and climate. 

8. The book covers a lot of illustrations, maps, diagrams, and photographs that complement the text.

9. At the end of each chapter there is a question related to the concept covered.

content of gc leong geography

Content of GC Leong Geography consist of 2 parts. Part 1 is physical geography and part 2 is Weather climate vegetation. Each part consist of several chapters. You can download GC leong Geography below.


  • The Earth and the Universe 1 Exploring the Universe
  • The Earth’s Crust
  • Vulcanism and Earthquakes
  • Weathering, Mass Movement and Groundwater
  • Landforms made by Running Water
  • Landforms of Glaciation
  • Arid or Desert Landforms
  • Limestone and Chalk Landforms
  • Lakes 66 General,
  • Coastal Landforms
  • Islands and Coral Reefs
  • The Oceans


  • Weather
  • Climate
  • The Hot, Wet Equatorial Climate
  • The Tropical Monsoon and Tropical Marine Climates
  • The Savanna or Sudan Climate
  • The Hot Desert and Mid-Latitude Desert Cli-mates
  • The Warm Temperate Western Margin (Mediterranean) Climate
  • The Temperate Continental (Steppe) Climate
  • The Warm Temperate Eastern Margin (China Type) Climate
  • The Cool Temperate Western Margin (British Type) Climate
  • The Cool Temperate Continental (Siberian) Climate
  • The Cool Temperate Eastern Margin (Lauren-tian) Climate
  • The Arctic or Polar Climate .

10. Overall this is the best book of geography for civil services examinations.


1. How many pages are in GC Leong geography?

Answer:- 192 Pages are there in GC Leong Geography

2. Which is the latest edition of GC Leong geography?

Answer:- Certificate Physical and Human geography 2020 by Goh Cheng Leong(New Edition)

3. Is GC Leong necessary for UPSC?

Answer:- GC leong Geography Book is very important for Civil services examination recommended by almost all the toppers of UPSC.

4. What should I read for geography in UPSC?

Answer:- GC Leong Geography Book is one of the best book to read for geography in UPSC.

5. What is the definition of geography?

Answer:-  The study of the world’s surface, physical qualities, climate, populations, products, etc.

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