Ecology and Environment by Pd Sharma

Ecology and Environment by PD Sharma are thoroughly revised, enlarged, and updated. This book is very demanding Nowadays because every UPSC Aspirants need to read this ecology and environment book.

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Ecology and Environment by Pd Sharma PDF

Ecology and Enviornment is an important topic in the civil services main examination. This book contains following things:-

  1. Introduction
  2. Climatic and Topographic Factors
  3. Edaphic Factors (Soil Science)
  4. Biotic Factor
  5. Ecological Adaptations
  6. Autecology of Species
  7. Population – Structure, and Dynamics
  8. Community-Structure and Classification
  9. Community Dynamics (Ecological Succession)
  10. Ecosystem: Structure and Function
  11. Habitat Ecology
  12. Degradation of Natural Resources and Environmental Problems
  13. Energy Crisis and Non-Conventional Sources
  14. Biodiversity and Wildlife of India and its Conservation
  15. Environment and Development-India’s Viewpoint
  16. Global Warming and Climate Change
  17. Air Pollution
  18. Water Pollution
  19. Radiation and Chemical Toxicology
  20. Bioremediation: A Promising Environmental Technology for Pollution Cleanup
  21. Environmental Monitoring and Impact Assessment
  22. Environmental Education and Organisations
  23. Environmental Laws
  24. Practical Manual Glossary Index

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Ecology and Environment By – PD Sharma

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  1. Chirag Ranpara

    Sir i recently tack admissions in MS.C in environment so i need to read it

    1. booklary

      This book is paid due to copyright issues, but if you need environment by shankar ias or any other book free then visit our standard books section. thanks

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