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Upsc Toppers

Passing the UPSC Civil Services Exam is not a game, of course. It is quite difficult to pass it for the first time. A disabled candidate will find it considerably more difficult to pass.

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Hello Guyz. In this blog, you will get to know about another inspiring girl Vishakha Yadav who secures AIR 6 in the 2019 UPSC exam. We will talk about her life, her courage..

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In This blog, we are going to talk about Chandrajyoti Singh UPSC toppers of 2019 All India Rank 28. How she can manage to get 28th rank in her 1st attempt

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Out of the Tina Dabi Book list we are here with the best books suggested by Tina Dabi. However, Tina Dabi used lots of book during their UPSC preparation...

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Out of the Pradeep Singh IAS Booklist, we are here with the best books suggested by Pradeep Singh. However, Pradeep Singh used lots of book during their UPSC ...

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Junais Ahmad, the rank 3 holder of year 2018’s Union Public Selection Commission (UPSC) examination started his career from a school of Nagina in Bijnor...

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The 2nd topper and 1st in the female of all India UPSC Examination 2017, Anu Kumari IAS started preparing for the battle of UPSC after 10 years of completing her graduation.  

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Shrushti Jayant Deshmukh is from Kasturba Nagar, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. Her education journey starts from Carmel Convent School, Bhel, Bhopal

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Kanishak Kataria the UPSC topper of 2018 is completed his education at St. Paul’s School, Kota.  Then he joined coaching for an engineering entrance examination and took admission

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Neha Banerjee already had an illustrious resume before securing Rank 20 within the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) government officials Exams 2019

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Anudeep Durishetty wiki starts from when he completed his education at Metpalli’s Sri Suryodaya High School. Then he completed his higher education at Birla Institute... 

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Sakshi Garg IAS is the second-ranked in Hindi medium UPSC examination. IAS is such an examination in which many people give their names and...

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Free UPSC Materials

Before knowing about free UPSC materials you must understand What is UPSC? How many students appear on the UPSC exams every year? What are the UPSC materials you need to crack the UPSC exams? Also, get ias study material pdf free download or UPSC study material free download ebooks.

Booklary is the free library for all those students who want to crack UPSC exams and don't have much money to spend on books and other stuff UPSC materials. Booklary is the place where you get all the important books absolutely free also get many other kinds of stuff like toppers booklist, their strategy, their mark sheet, UPSC PRELIMS PREVIOUS YEAR QUESTION PAPERS WITH ANSWERS FREE DOWNLOAD, UPSC Mains Previous Year Question papers PDF, standard books, ncert books absolutely free. 

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Eligibility Criteria for UPSC?

The eligibility criteria for upsc is:-

  1. Your age should be between 21 to 32 years.
  2. The qualification for UPSC is Graduation no matter what stream you choose in 10th and after 12th.


How Many IAS Officers are selected every year?

We have data from UPSC from 2016 to 2019. So according to this, we are going to tell you about how many IAS officers are selected every year

YearCandidate who has filled the formAppeared for PrelimsCleared PrelimsAppeared for MainsAppeared for InterviewFinal selected
2016 - 171128262459659153821514929611099
2017 - 1896906546284813300130602568980
2018 – 19106555250048410419102461994850

How to clear UPSC exams?

Now I hope you already understand what is upsc, what are eligibility criteria, and how many IAS officers are selected every year. But do you know how to clear UPSC exams? We are going to provide some tips to crack the UPSC exams you should practice.

#Tip 1 Get Familiar with the Syllabus of UPSC and its exam Pattern. 

  1. Syllabus – What are the topics and what are the subjects of the examination. Get a deep study about it.
  2. Exams Pattern – What are the nature of questions asked by UPSC.

#Tip 2 Choose Optional Subjects Wisely

  1. You should choose the topic that you have interested in.
  2. If you have an educational background you can choose this also.
  3. What is the syllabus of optional papers? If you think that you can cover all the syllabus of that subject then you can choose it.
  4. What is the nature of questions on that particular subject. If you are good at the physical question then choose the subjects who have more physical questions, if you are good at theoretical questions then choose the subject who has more theoretical questions.
  5. You should choose that subject that is good scoring in nature. Like Literature, subjects are less scoring than mathematics.

#Tip 3 How to choose a language for Compulsory Papers.

  1. Compulsory papers are qualifying in nature.
  2. If you choose the language then the chances of your selection can be more bright.

#Tip 4 What you choose Language in GS Paper, Optional Paper, and interview?

  1. You can choose any of the languages in all these papers or you can choose different languages for different separate papers.
  2. You should choose that language in which you are the most comfortable and have the most confidence in it. This will increase your score in exams.

#Tip 5 How to Choose Resources for different subjects.

  1. This is one of the most important steps for UPSC.
  2. The resources are categorized into online resources and offline resources.
  3. You should maintain the balance between both of them.
  4. In the next section we are going to do a deep study about this topic.

#Tip 6 How to present your knowledge on the exams and in the interview.

  1. This is another important step. A person who has knowledge about everything related to UPSC but his presentation is not so good according to competitive exams has fewer chances with the person who has less knowledge but has excellent presentation skills.
  2. You should practice essay writing and presentation of answers.

#Tip 7 Stay Motivated

  1. This is important for your mind level. You should keep your mind motivated so that your body acts accordingly.
  2. Watch the toppers' videos of UPSC, their stories, etc.
  3. Watch motivational videos of many speakers like Sandeep Maheshwari, Sonu Sharma, etc.

Free UPSC Materials by Booklary

Now the section has come to what you are waiting for. I will tell you in this section, What are the free UPSC materials provided by booklary, UPSC study material free download ebooks, ias study material pdf free download.

Free UPSC materials are for those who don’t have enough money to buy the books of UPSC as books are very costly and everyone can’t afford them. So here we are providing you free ebooks you can download.


What are the free UPSC materials we are providing to you:-

  1. Ncert Books for UPSC – This is a very important book not only for UPSC aspirants but for all the students. But in UPSC you need to cover the basics first which is very important. For the basics, you should revise Ncert books. Booklary provide the ncert books for UPSC for class 6th to 12th  of each subject. So go and get free ncert books.
  2. Standard books for UPSC – These are the books that every aspirant must-read. We are providing every important book related to UPSC absolutely free. Go and visit each section of standard books for UPSC to find out the important books absolutely free.
  3. UPSC toppers - This is really interesting for those who want to stay motivated. You will get a free booklist, strategies, mark sheet, social accounts, background, and a lot more of many Famous UPSC toppers. Download their booklist absolutely free.
  4. Important Books - This is the most important book that every UPSC Toppers recommended. This is the must-visit section of the booklary. In this section some books are free and some are paid(due to copyright issues). But you can get an idea about what is the most important books if you are going to prepare for UPSC.

5. Prelims and Mains Question Papers –  We can see most of the UPSC aspirants want previous year question papers of prelims and mains but this is a difficult task to find these papers. SO Booklary provides free prelims and mains previous year question papers also answers are provided as well for prelims question papers. The available question papers are from 2013 to 2019.


Books are the best Companion of a UPSC aspirant for the UPSC preparation. Our motive is to resolve the confusion of students in selecting UPSC materials for the preparation. We are here to help the students in every possible way that a student needs. Our team tries to collect all the needs of UPSC aspirants into one place. We have explored and listed books that represent the best in an organized way into studies and issues. Our Motive is to help UPSC aspirants in any way that’s possible. We don’t have any intention to sell anything or steal anything from other sites. We try to give everything free of cost so that everyone can take benefit of it. If you feel our content violates any copyrights or any privacy laws or are not good for students or if you have any other issues, please let us know at [email protected] and we will try to solve your problem in every possible way.