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Tina Dabi Book List

Tina Dabi Book List

In this article of Tina Dabi Book List, we have shared all the books suggested by Tina Dabi for free Download.

Also by the end of this article, you will have full Tina Dabi booklist for free and you will also know about The Time Table of Tina Dabi, her strategy for both prelims and mains.

We also shared Tina Dabi mark sheet at the end of this article you can check it out too.

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Tina Dabi the UPSC topper of 2015 is graduated from Delhi’s LADY SHRI RAM COLLEGE. She cleared one of the toughest exams in India i.e UPSC  in her first attempt and secured 52% marks.

She did schooling from “CARMEL CONVENT Sr. Sec School, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh” and 10+2 schooling from “Convent of Jesus and Mary.

Delhi”. She secured 93% marks in 10th standard then she chooses the arts stream in 10+2 and secured 96.25% Marks in the 12th CBSE Board.

After schooling, she took admission in “Lady Shri Ram College of Women, Delhi University” in 2014 with “B.A. Hons – Political Science”.

She Secured 71% in her graduation. Then she has started preparation for CSE. She gave herself one year for the preparation of CSE.

She was shocked when she realized that she cleared the exam in her first attempt as she thought that she could clear the exam in at least two attempts.

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 The Best and the memorable moment of her life were when she secured 1st rank in the UPSC 2015 which is the dream moment for all the aspirants for UPSC.

If anyone secured 1st position in one of the toughest examinations in India is not less than a dream comes true. Tina Dabi was the inspiration for all the aspirants of UPSC.

Out of the Tina Dabi Book list we are here with the best books suggested by Tina Dabi. However, Tina Dabi used lots of book during their UPSC preparation but some of the best books which she suggested for the students are:-

  • Ncert Books compulsory
  • Spectrum for History
  • GC Leong for Geography
  • Sriram IAS for Economy
  • Shankar IAS for Environment.
  • Laxmikant for Polity
  • Nitin Singhania for Indian art & culture

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Note – Some of the books provided by us are completely free and others, you can buy on Amazon. We recommend you to buy it from our links from this we can get a commission from Amazon.

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Books NameE-Book Free DownloadPhysical Book Download
All Ncert Books- NCERTDownload NowBuy Now
Spectrum -A Brief History of Modern India – Rajiv AhirDownload NowBuy Now
Certificate Physical and Human Geography – GC LeongDownload NowBuy Now
Indian Economy – Sriram IASDownload NowBuy Now
Environment – Shankar IASDownload NowBuy Now
India Polity – M laxmikantDownload NowBuy Now
Indian Art and Culture – Nitin SinghaniaDownload NowBuy Now
Culture of IndiaDownload NowUnavailable

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Tina Dabi Strategy For Upsc


During the interview after secured Rank 1st in UPSC 2015, she revealed some strategies which all the aspirants of UPSC must adopt.

One of the main strategy of Tina Dabi during Prelims is Each topic in every subject has to be revised 3 times before you sit for prelims, also making your own time table, choose topics that will take 3 hrs or 2 hrs SLOT, and at-least focus 1-2 hrs on your optional subject, also tina Dabi book-list will help you to a better understanding of the topic.

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Tina Dabi suggests one of the best ways to prepare for the mains exam is focusing on the essay papers. At least write 1 essay per week. 

She also suggests outside sources like newspaper reading etc are the best way for the preparation of history. 

When it comes to geography she suggests, uses more diagrams to presenting you the answer which will give more impact on the examiner.

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Tina also suggests don’t force your mind by studying 15-17 hours in a day. It will hamper your mind growth.

 You just need to strategies your study so that you have time for your hobbies as well also you can adopt Tina Dabi book list for the preparation of UPSC as it is one of the best books suggested by any topper and these books are standard books which every UPSC aspirant must have read.

Tina Dabi time table

This is the time table of Tina Dabi. There is a brief timetable for the last 3 month which all the UPSC aspirants should adopt for the better result.

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Tina Dabi marksheet

UPSC IAS Prelims Marks :-

Paper 196.66
Paper 298.73

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UPSC IAS Mains Marks :-

Subject NameMarks
GS Paper 1119/250
GS paper 284/250
GS Paper 3111/250
GS Paper 4110/250
GS Total424/1000
Political Science & IR Paper 1128/250
Political Science & IR Paper 2171/250
Optional total299/500
Written total868/1750

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UPSC IAS Interview Marks:-


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Tina Dabi Instagram & FB account

You can follow on her Instagram and FB account and can ask your questions



Frequently Asked Questions

Q1- At what age Tina Dabi become IAS?

Tina Dabi is the first ranker in Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) 2015 at the age of 22 Years.

Q2- What is salary of Tina Dabi?

Tina Dabi cleared UPSC in the year 2016. Tina Dabi salary is 56000/month + other allowances (as in 2018)

Q3- Did Tina Dabi take coaching?

Tina Dabi did not take any coaching for UPSC but she did take guidance from her brother who is already in Indian Railway Services, 2012.

Q4- How many hours does Tina Dabi study?

Tina Dabi studied for approximately 8-9 hours daily.

Q5- Which stream did Tina Dabi choose?

Tina Dabi opted for Humaites in her plus two

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