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Saumya Sharma IAS

Saumya Sharma IAS: Success Story

Passing the UPSC Civil Services Exam is not a game, of course. It is quite difficult to pass it for the first time. A disabled candidate will find it considerably more difficult to pass. However, this is the case of a girl who, despite losing her hearing abilities, was able to pass the UPSC Civil Service exam on her first attempt in 2017. yes, we are talking about Saumya sharma ias.

Read the rest of Soumya Sharma’s experience.

At the age of 16, Delhi resident Soumya Sharma lost her capacity to listen. She relies on a machine to listen to them. Despite this, her desire to pass the UPSC civil service exam remained unshakable. Soumya overcame all of her weaknesses and took the civil service exam at the age of 23 even without coaching.

Cracking the UPSC exam, according to Saumya, was no different than cracking any other exam. Like any exam, you’ll need to plan ahead and develop a solid approach. Somya acquired her LLB from Delhi’s National Law University in 2017. She didn’t begin preparing for the UPSC civil service till 2017. She took the UPSC Prelims and UPSC Mains Exams in the same year.

Soumya was placed in the handicapped group due to a lack of Sunnah power. She, on the other hand, refused to fill out the UPSC civil service application under the disabled quota, opting instead for the general category.

Saumya had always been a bright student, and preparing for UPSC Civil Service was not tough for her. According to her, candidates must have a good foundation in each topic to take the exam. While taking the UPSC Civil Services Examination, Saumya was sick with a 02 viral fever. At the exam centre, she was accompanied by her parents (both doctors).

Candidates taking UPSC exams should read the newspaper every day, practise sample question papers, and brush up on their optional subjects, according to Saumya. This is the secret to achievement. This will help you prepare not just for the preliminary exam but also the main exam.

Saumya Sharma Booklist


  • Ancient history: new ncert book 
  • old ncert by RS Sharma. 

Medieval history

  • Old ncert 
  •  class 7th ncert 

Modern history:

  • Bipin Chandra +
  • spectrum +
  • India after Gandhi books. 

Art and culture:

  • NCERT Class 11th book( History) 
  •  NIOS booklet. 

Geography :

  • NCERT book 6 to 12th Class 
  • Goh Cheh Leong
  • Atlas book 


  • Shankar ias book on environment 
  • Magazine: Down to earth 


  • M.Laxmikant Indian polity book 
  • DD Basu 

Economy :

  • Mrunal. Org 
  • Mrunal YouTube video lectures 
  • Shriram ias material 

Science and technology:

  • Current affairs related to science 
  • NCERT book 
  • Arihant 

Saumya Sharma IAS Blog

Saumya sharma ias

Soumya earned her law degree from Delhi’s National Law University! In 2017, she sat for the first time for the Union Public Service Commission exam! Immediately upon the completion of NLU studies. Saumya Sharma was 22 years old at the time. Saumya claims she began properly preparing for the UPSC Civil Services test on February 19, 2017, four months before the IAS (Indian Administrative Service) exam.

Soumya’s hearing problem qualified her for the disability quota! However, she declined to take the test with the quota! She expressed her desire to take the exam with an open quota! Soumya Sharma has always been a bright student! As a result, passing the UPSC exam was not tough for her.

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Saumya Sharma IAS Marksheet

Soumya believes that there is no need for coaching if you are convinced that you can pass the exam with self-study alone. Aside from that, some people can seek help through coaching. It is all up to you. Even after coaching for this exam, she believes that self-study is critical. You can succeed if you concentrate on a selfie study and keep a decent timetable.

Here is the Saumya Sharma IAS Maksheet –


Saumya Sharma IAS Age

At the age of 23, the girl became IAS, and wrote the exam in 103 degree fever. Soumya Sharma from Delhi was ranked 9th in the UPSC 2017 examination. Soumya, a 23-year-old woman, was one who passed the exam in first try. She was given a total of four months to prepare it.


Saumya Sharma is a Delhi-born. She not only cleared the UPSC CSE exam in first year in 2017, but she also ranked ninth overall in the country. She was given the rank of IAS, according to the rank. We’ve covered Soumya’s trip so far, but if we sit down to write about the battle that lies beneath it, four novels might not be enough.

Saumya, on the other hand, dislikes sympathy and crying over troubles. She follows the motto “The Show Must Go On” and feels that no matter what happens, she must keep going forward. Soumya went in depth about the UPSC exam preparation in an interview. Learn about the UPSC journey as well as the journey of life.

Soumya’s hearing power unexpectedly went away when she was 16 years old. Even though the reason for this was never explained, Soumya had lost 90 to 95 percent of her hearing capacity. Soumya struggled to recover from the shock at first, but after some time, she accepted it and told herself that this was her truth.

When it came to education, Soumya excelled in reading and studied at the National Law School in Delhi after school. Soumya decided to take the UPSC examination during her final year of law school and passed it on her first attempt at the age of 23.

At the time of the UPSC exam, Saumya was suffering from a severe viral fever. She could have easily decided not to take the exam at this point, but she chose not to. She didn’t want to give up easily, so she went to the exam. Soumya suffered a 102 fever on the days of the Mains exam, which occasionally reached 103 but did not go away. Soumya was given a saline drip three times a day.

Saumya’s challenging period was aided by the fact that both of her parents are doctors. Even Soumya used to get drip during the exam when there was a lunch break. As a result, she completed the Mains exam while suffering from a high temperature.



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