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Sakshi Garg IAS

Sakshi Garg IAS

Sakshi Garg IAS is the second-ranked in Hindi medium UPSC examination. IAS is such an examination in which many people give their names and go to fulfil their dreams. Only a few can achieve the mastery of success in this, it is not just a simple general examination but one of the biggest examinations in the country.

And there is also a witness who has managed to touch the victory of all these successes. Sakshi Garg IAS has illuminated this UPSC exam and her family’s name. True hard work leads to the victory of those who work hard.

Sakshi Garg IAS Success Story

Sakshi Garg IAS success story starts when she passed this UPSC exam at the age of just 22 because when we are determined to become something, we should take it to completion.

One should not just wait for the time that they will do it at the time when there is determination in mind, then it should be spent to fulfil it.

IAS Sakshi, who lives in Robertsganj in the Sonbhadra district, has fulfilled her and her dreams with true spirit!

Sakshi was always the best in studies, if the passion of studies is from the beginning, then we are sure to get success in doing anything.

And the same success has been attained by the Witnesses as well, they have made a name for it not only in the family but also in the entire country. Today with this success, he has got the identity of IAS Sakshi Garg, not Sakshi Garg, he has worked hard!

Sakshi was always top in the study, but she took some time in the journey to become an IAS, she completed all her studies and graduated, which she completed with BA.

When he decided to study IAS, it took him a while to complete his graduation due to a lack of resources.

But even if it took a little time, in the work in which he gave so much attention to his education and only to become an IAS, he succeeded completely in this way and it is only through hard work!

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Interesting Facts About Sakshi Garg

1. She cracked the UPSC Exam in 2017
2. She cleared UPSC exams in her 2nd attempt however she didn’t clear her prelims in her first attempt from 0.67%.
3. Her optional subject was history.
4. According to Sakshi Garg her father was her role model as she mentioned in her interview that her father wants to become IAS but he can’t. so her father let her want to be an IAS officer.
5. She studied 8-10 hours a day.
6. She did coaching from Delhi.
7. She cracked the UPSC exam at the age of 22.
8. She studied 15 hours per day before 2 months from the exam. 

Sakshi Garg IAS marks

Sakshi Garg IAS Marks

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