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UPSC Political Science Books

Hi Guyz, We are going to give you UPSC political science books which help you a lot during the preparation for the civil services examination.

UPSC Political Science Books are easy to find nowadays but the right books are hard to find as too many options in the market and also some toppers of UPSC says this books some say that book.

So by going through this problem, booklary will come with a solution.

What we doing is we provide you some free ebooks and some paid books (Copyrighted). You just need to download it and study its content.

If you like the content of the book then you can choose this book as a study material of UPSC for Polity, but if you find this book unuseful then go with the next book and do the same process with each book.

In the end, you will get the best book according to your understanding.

Note:- Whatever the free books are provided by Booklary, all books are important for the UPSC examination. But most of the UPSC aspirants and Toppers recommend and study M.Laxmikant.

Best Book for Polity UPSC

Here is a list of TOP 7 Economy Best Book for UPSC.

Note – Some of the books provided by us are completely free and others, you can buy on Amazon. We recommend you to buy it from our links from this we can get a commission from Amazon.

Book NameDownload Free E-BookBuy Physical Book
Indian Polity – M LaxmikantDownload NowBuy Now
Covid-19 Strategies and intervention – Vison IASDownload NowUnavailable
1000 MCQs with Explanatory notes for polity – Disha PublicationDownload NowBuy Now
Introduction to constitution of india – Dr. Durga BasuDownload NowBuy Now
Indian polity (class notes) – Drishti IASDownload NowUnavailable
Polity tricks – Vinay BansalDownload NowBuy Now
Constitution of India – PM BakshiDownload NowBuy Now
Indian polity notes – Vajiram and RaviDownload NowUnavailable
Challenge and strategy – Rajiv SikriDownload NowBuy Now
Governance in India – M LaxmikantUnavailableBuy Now
Important Judgments that Transformed India – Alex AndrewsUnavailableBuy Now

Books for Polity UPSC

In the above section we have covered almost each and every book that candidates use during there preparation. However this is not it we have got you a Must – Read Environment Best book for UPSC. These books covers everything from the basics to the advanced level of preparation. 

1. Polity by M Laxmikant

Laxmikant comes with the polity book which covers almost all essential topics for civil services examination. It is one of the most important books for Polity UPSC. This book is recommended by almost all the UPSC toppers and aspirants. It is easy to understand and simple in language and the main thing is this book is available in both the language English and Hindi so that Hindi medium can also get this book useful. 

2. Introduction to the constitution of India by Durga Basu

Another important book in the context of UPSC was written by Durga Basu. This book is divided into 9 parts. After the laxmikant, this book also plays a very important role in exams. Some of the parts are the Nature of the constitution, Government of the Union, Government of the states, Administration of Union Territories, etc. 

3. Constitution of India by PM Bakshi

Another good book was written by PM Bakshi. In this book, you will get the people of India having solemnly resolved to constitute India into a sovereign democratic republic and secure to all its citizens.

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