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Oxford Student atlas latest edition pdf Free download

Hi Guys, today we are going to give you a very important book. This book is recommended by most of the UPSC Toppers.

If you are one of the Students who are preparing for the competition level exam like UPSC, SSC, Indian Airforce, Indian Navy, Indian Army, SSB, ITBP, CRPF, BSF, CISF, Banking, IBPS, Railways, UPSE, CHSL, CPO, CGL, etc.

Oxford student Atlas PDF book will prove to be very beneficial for those students. I hope this book will provide immense help to the students in passing the competition level exam.

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In the last section, you will get Oxford Student atlas latest edition PDF Download. You can download this Oxford School Atlas PDF through the download link and can buy this book through the buy Link. 

In the next section, you will get about why Oxford Student Atlas book is so important and popular. 

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About Oxford student atlas for India Book

Is Oxford School Atlas Good For UPSC?

The Oxford Student atlas book produces a variety of accurate and easy to read Maps. this book is updated by doing research.

The new edition of the Oxford atlas is updated by keeping in mind various education boards requirements in India.

It covers a lot of maps related to India’s physical, environmental, demographic, socio-economic, cultural, and historical features with thematic and statistical representation on a range of topics that are usually included in the syllabus of various important boards of India.

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Also, it vividly traces the geographic characteristics of each continent with regional maps of important countries and the world.

Oxford student atlas for India book contains quality digital maps that are aesthetically laid out and updated.

It is a user-friendly book as it uses the GIS technology for giving accurate, 3D maps and clear detail so that students can easily learn to grab everything about maps.

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It provides the latest socio-economic maps and data. It provides special sections for history map-making contour and landforms, also, all the concepts are at the beginning of atlas which is easy for a student to go directly to their favourite maps.

It covers one of the most important tropical themes which is very useful especially in UPSC exams. It covers themes like biosphere reserves, wetlands, and wildlife, power projects, agricultural regions, human development, etc. 

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Oxford students atlas for India’s latest edition includes a new section on world history and world time zone map.

It covers 24 maps which are focusing mainly on the history of the Indian subcontinent and 6 maps focusing on environmental concerns.

It provides symbols for each place name for India and the world according to population range. This book is student-friendly and bookly strongly recommend this book if you want to gain expertise in Maps. 

oxford school atlas 35th edition pdf free download

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Oxford student atlas for India Content

1. Maps and Map Making 

2. The Indian Subcontinent – Physical

3. The Indian States and Union territories – political

4. India thematic

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5. Continent and regions

6. World

7. World – Facts and Figures

8. Index

All this content is very useful in all important boards of India. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1- Is Oxford School Atlas good for UPSC?

This is one of the best and important books related to UPSC exams. This book can give you extra marks in the UPSC exams.

Q2- What is the difference between student and school atlas of Oxford?

There is no difference between student atlas and school atlas, however, The school Atlas has old-looking maps that are not pleasant to look at, have some ugly fonts. But student atlas has updated maps with decent fonts and good looking 3d maps. So we prefer Student atlas but you can read any of them.

Q3- Which edition of Oxford Atlas is best for UPSC?

The latest edition of the Oxford Atlas is the best book for UPSC as it contains updated maps and includes some special sections which can be important for UPSC Exams.

Q4- Which is the latest edition of Oxford Student Atlas?

The third edition is the latest edition of the Oxford student atlas for India. 

Q5- What should I study on the UPSC map?

Here are the best guide to cover and study the maps so that you can get extra marks through maps in exams.

Q6- Is Atlas important for UPSC?

Atlas is very important if you want to gain extra marks in exams. 

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