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Hello Guyz. In this blog, you will get to know about one of the best inspiring stories of the youngest IPS officer of India who secures AIR 570 in the first attempt of the UPSC exam and becomes the youngest IPS officer of India. We will talk about his life, his dedication, and his journey towards UPSC. Today you will know about ips Safin Hasan, Safin Hasan ias mark sheet, Safin Hasan ips time table, and more. 

IPS Safin Hasan Biography (The Brilliant Success)

  • IPS Safin Hasan was born in kanodar, Gujarat. Hasan belongs to a low-income family. His father Mustafa Hasan and mother Naseem Banu both worked in a diamond unit. After the parents lost their job, the father began to work as an electrician and the mother began rolling out hundreds of rotis to support family expenses.
  • He completes his education from Gujarati medium from his village. When he was in primary school, the collector visit in front of his house, then he asked about him with their mosi. Then his mosi said he is the king of the village. Then he decides to become an ips officer.
  • He also mentioned in his interview that he started his preparation from his childhood. He said UPSC is the exam of your personality, your thinking, your leadership not only your knowledge. He is an extraordinary person in his studies. He got 92% in 10th and after 12th he took admission in nit surat.
  • After college, he decided to become an ias officer so he came to Delhi. But because of money problems, he could not spend much time in UPSC. he didn’t think about a second attempt, he only thinks that the first attempt is the only chance for him to become an IPS officer. He utilizes his time perfectly. Some of the examples are, he didn’t read M laxmikant, he didn’t make notes. His strategy is different from others. 
  • After 1 year, he cleared the prelims but on paper 3 of mains, he got an accident. Before half an hour of the exam. But his dedication makes him to the UPSC exam center, not towards the hospital. Because his left hand was damaged but his right hand was perfectly working. And he gave the exam and become the youngest IPS officer in India. 
  • Gujrat’s 22 years old Safin Hasan, the youngest IPS officer in the country got his first career posting in Jamnagar.
  • He took over the charges as assistant superintendent of police(ASP) on December 23, 2017.

safin hasan IPS Strategy

  • According to Hasan, students don’t need to waste their time. For example, if the notes already available in the market of each month then why you need to make notes by yourself and waste your time to make them. You need to maximize your output whenever you put your effort into something. 
  • Don’t follow others, do make your strategy on your own. Everyone has its own strength and weaknesses, no one guide you better than yourself. 
  • Make your booklist. He said that his booklist is different from others. He suggested that read and understand your syllabus carefully. And choose the standard books which make prelims and mains fulfill for you.
  • There is no compulsion about how many hours you study, but how much output you can take off from your study is the only thing that matters. 
  • Run after mains and interview. Do not go for prelims. If you study for mains then your 70% syllabus of prelims is already done. Practice for the prelims before 2 months of the exam. Prelims are just the qualifying exam. Do not being mad for prelims. You need to score 120 at least.
  • Do the Writing practice for mains only after the prelims. Because that is enough time to do the practice of answer writing. Do at least 5 mock tests properly. 
  • Do the essay writing after prelims. You have 4 months between prelims and mains so if you write an essay every Sunday then you have enough practice at the end of the 4th month. 
  • Work on the quality of answers, not just the quantity. You just need to connect the answers with yourself and don’t focus on the word limit. If your answer completes in 230 words so that is not the problem. You must need to satisfy the checker with your answers. 

IPS Safin Hasan Marksheet

Safin Hasan IPS Age and Social Media profiles



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