Indian Economy by Uma Kapila

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Indian Economy by Uma Kapila Pdf

Dr. Uma Kapila, author/editor of several other books, retired as Reader, Dept. of Economics, Miranda House, University of Delhi.

She has taught the Indian economy to undergraduate students for more than 42 years. Currently, she is Senior Editor, Academic Foundation. Her textbooks on the Indian economy are highly acclaimed bestsellers.

Here’s the new, 17th Edition textbook on Indian Economy for UPSC Aspirants incorporating the foremost recent recommended readings.

The book provides brief coverage of the Indian economy under five sections:

  • Basic issues in economic development: institutional framework and policy regimes.
  • Growth and distributional issues: poverty, inequality, and employment.
  • Current perspectives in Indian agriculture: growth, productivity, constraints and pricing.
  • Industry and services sector.
  • The financial sector and thus the external sector. The author Dr Uma Kapila has specially designed this book supported the foremost recent original readings, sort of those being available in her edited books.

Indian Economy Since Independence, 27th Edition (2016-17), Indian Economic Development Since 1947 (2016-17 Edition) and Indian Economy: Economic Development and Policy (2016 Edition). within this volume, the author has made an effort to remain the language simple without compromising the effectiveness of the argument or diluting the analyses.

The book also carries a brief Glossary apart from undergraduate students, the book is widely employed by students preparing for the IAS and other competitive examinations.

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Indian Economy Pdf By – Uma Kapila

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