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Anu Kumari Booklist

Anu Kumari Booklist

In this article of Anu Kumari Book List, we have shared all the books suggested by Anu Kumari for free Download.

Also by the end of this article, you will have full Anu Kumari booklist for free, you can also download Anu Kumari Notes for Free, and you will know about her strategy for both prelims and mains.

We also shared Anu Kumari mark sheet at the end of this article you can check it out too.

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Out of the Anu Kumari Book list we are here with the best books suggested by Anu Kumari. However, Anu Kumari used lots of book during her UPSC preparation but some of the best books which she suggested for the students are:-


11,12th NCERT Books

Modern History

1. Spectrum (Green cover book)
2. Class 12th NCERT

Ancient and Medieval History

1. Tamil Nadu Board 11th class book
2. Our past 1,2,3 NCERT books


Art and Culture

Nitin Singhania


Sri Ram printed notes


Shankar IAS printed notes


1. Laxmikant
2. class 11th NCERT

World History

1. Class 9th Social Science (Old NCERT)
2. Class 12th polity book from NCERT

Economic Summary and Budget Survey

Summary provided GS Score


G Subbarao

Science and Technology

1. Covered Mainly from current affairs
2. Class Xith biology NCERT book
3. Read 6th to 10th Science books (only)

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Anu Kumari Booklist

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Anu Kumari Booklist she used to clear UPSC in her 2nd attempt

Note – Some of the books provided by us from anu kumari booklist are completely free and others, you can buy on Amazon. We recommend you to buy it from our links from this we can get a commission from Amazon.

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Book NameE-Book DownloadBuy Physical Book
All NCERT BOOKSDownload NowBuy Now
Ethics, Integrity and AptitudeDownload NowBuy Now
Spectrum – A brief History For Modern IndiaDownload NowBuy Now
Environment by Shankar IASDownload NowBuy Now
GIST India Year Book 2020 – Vol1Download Nowunavailable
GIST India YearBook 2020 – Vol2Download Nowunavailable
Indian Economy by Sri Ram IASDownload NowBuy Now
Indian Art And Culture by Nitin SinghaniaDownload NowBuy Now

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Anu Kumari Notes

The optional subject of Anu Kumari is Sociology. She Provided Sociology Notes of her friend Akshat Kushal, Rank 55, CSE 217.

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You Can Download the Notes below –
Paper 1
Paper 2

Where Does Anu Kumari Begin From?

The 2nd topper and 1st in the female of all India UPSC Examination 2017, Anu Kumari IAS started preparing for the battle of UPSC after 10 years of completing her graduation.  

Anu Kumari (born on – 18 November 1986), is from Sonipat, Haryana. Anu did her schooling from Shiva Shiksha Sadan,Sonepat. She did her education in B.SC Honours in physics from Hindu College, Delhi University. 

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After that she continued her life wheel in IMT Nagpur, pursuing MBA. She had her 1st job in Aviva Life Insurance where she had experience of 9 years

A working woman, a wife, a mother, stepped out of all the roles in 2016 and started preparing for the UPSC Examination.

  • She reached the milestone in 2nd attempt
  • She gave her 1st attempt in 2016 and the only reason is to understand the pattern
  • She missed the prelims by just 1 marks
  • Her 1st exam form was filled by her elder brother without her consent

Anu Kumari Strategy

I Did Not Have A Plan When I Started Out. Rather I Was Full Of Insecurities, Doubts, And Fears (As I Have Only 2 Attempts Remaining Owing To Age Factors And The Possibility Of Failure). 

Then, I Tried To Pick Bits And Pieces From Different People’s Strategies. After Going Through Peoples’ Strategies, I Tried To Do What I Felt Were Genuine And Honest Suggestion By Them. 

Finally, I Made My Own Plan Based On Their Suggestions.

-Anu Kumari

You should note that she did not take any coaching for GS Papers. But she joined a test series for her optional Sociology at NICE IAS which helped her a lot.

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Anu Kumari PreLims Strategy

She did current affairs from InsightsOnIndia and didn’t make any notes but she revised from their monthly current affairs compilation.We have provided their monthly current affair compilation for free here .

For Prelims Paper 2 she didn’t use any other special study material for this. Her english was already good and for maths she already cracked SSC CGL examination. She only revised formulas from there.

For Prelims she joined an online test series. She also tries to revise all the questions she gets wrong 3-4 times. She started this test series 2 months before prelims.

She had prepared various excel sheets for various national and international reports (like ease of doing business report), another sheet for various world/regional bodies like UN, ASEAN etc.

Another sheet for different tribes in India, another sheet for important statistics (eg: our spending on education, health etc). These excel sheet helps her mostly in prelims but did its best for the main and some bit of interviews too.

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Anu kumari Mains Strategy

I Made Sure That I Revised All Standard Books Including Ncerts Multiple Times (4-5 Times). Similarly, I Revised Current Affairs And Test Series Multiple Times Which Helped Me In Prelims, Mains And In Interview Too.

-Anu Kumari

Anu Kumari Optional – Sociology

For basics she referred to Upendra Sir Classroom Notes. She covered paper 1 and paper 2 completely from this except the thinkers. 

For paper 2 – thinkers she used Mahapatra Sir classroom notes.

Haralambos Blue Book (the bigger one not the orange one)- She did selected topics from this book (eg chapter 1, 14 etc)

Also she joined a test series for optional – sociology at NICE IAS ( Praveen Kishore Sir )

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Anu Kumari Marksheet

Anu Kumari MarkSheet

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Anu Kumari Blog

You will be amazed to know that Anu kumari IAS also has a personal blog on WordPress where you can learn more about her strategy, sociology strategy, many tips and tricks for the aspirants too.

You Can Check Her Blog Here

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Anu Kumari Husband

Anu Kumari IAS is the topper of UPSC CSE 2017, by the age of 2017 she was 31 years old and married. Anu kumari’s husband name is Varun Dahiya. She also has a son Rihan Dahiya.

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